Marvel Team-Up #27 (1974): Hulk

Chameleon dresses up as Spider-Man and causes problems at a local jail.  While driving away to escape, he rear-ends Hulk.  Now that’s a bad accident!

In order to avoid being completely destroyed, Chameleon puts on a Rick Jones face.  Putting to one side the question why he’d have such a disguise at the ready (maybe it’s always smart to be prepared for a Hulk-sized problem), how does he even know about Rick Jones?  I haven’t gotten the sense so far that the world-at-large is aware of their relationship.  Although, I guess, if you’re going to be a criminal, you probably should research all the possible foils and threats.  So maybe this isn’t a big deal.

From there, Chameleon is able to manipulate Hulk into doing his dirty work, and Spider-Man gets involved to stop him.

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