DEADPOOL #12-13 (1998): The Drowning Man

Deadpool gets drunk and Siryn comes to him and he thinks he’s hallucinating but…

…They kiss. And sleep together. But the next morning, when he wakes up, he learns it’s actually Typhoid Mary with an image inducer. Deadpool has a surprisingly tender moment…

…Joe Kelly’s Deadpool was unbalanced and unpredictable, but he did have emotional depth. He wasn’t just a complete jokey lunatic.

After getting over his heartbreak, Typhoid’s ex-BF T-Ray (who Wade calls T-Bag) challenges Deadpool to a showdown.

IMG_9495 (1)

T-Ray wins the battle and leaves Deadpool dying in the snow.

The great Ed McGuinness, who went on to huge comic book fame, left Deadpool last issue and now we have fill-ins until Walter McDaniel signs on. There’s nothing wrong with these artists other than the fact that they are not Ed McGuiness.

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