AVENGERS #238 (1983): Spider-Woman returns

“Unlimited Vision!”

Vision has been comatose (and lying in a clear tube) since he hit Annihilus’ force field in Avengers #233, and he speaks for the first time as Starfox is lamenting over him. 


This inspires Eros to hook Viz up to ISAAC, the supercomputer back on Titan, which leads to Vision downloading ISAAC into Avengers’ Mansions’ computers and gaining the ability to cast holographic projections of himself using the Avengers’ communications networks. 

It also seems to be changing his personality.

He uses his newfound awareness to track down Moonstone and Blackout, who escaped from Project Pegasus’ prison last issue.

So…He’s kind of a better hero?

See that? Vision made a funny joke! His personality changes will be an evolving subplot for a couple years.

While Starfox is doing all that, the girls are out on the town and teasing Wanda.

At the end of the issue, Tigra is visiting Jessica Drew, who is also comatose and in a hospital on the West Coast, and an astral image of Spider-Woman appears in the hospital room.

So, two heroes in comas return in a single issue–but only return as “projections” of themselves.

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  1. I knew the reports of Spider-Woman’s death in her series’ final issue were just too good to be true!


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