DAREDEVIL #35-36 (1967-1968)

daredevil 35

Being blind means begin not splooged by a bad guy. Matt Murdock gives legal advice to Trapster after he breaks in and forces him.

Then, Trapster dresses up like Daredevil to foil the Baxter Building’s defenses and attack the Fantastic Four.

He takes down Sue, then Daredevil catches up with him and runs him off.

Or “handstands” him off…

Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch also appear, when DD tells them not to help him–he’ll catch Trapster on his own.

Reed Richards isn’t much of a husband if he doesn’t feel the need to say the same thing right back to Daredevil, and go punch Paste Pot Pete in the face for goo-ing all over his wife.

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