SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW PART 2 (Superman #205-206)

Note: This series was originally published in 2013 on my old site,, which is now devoted 100% to music. I have reprinted the series here, for posterity.


In Superman: Birthright, another great Superman story, we see him engaged in saving the world from itself: If a guy has superpowers, why doesn’t he actually improve the planet?  Warren Ellis did this as well in the pages of The Authority.   In this issue, he stops a war.  In the panel above, we get to see how people feel when God (i.e., Superman) steps into their lives.

Issue #206 continues the theme: Why should God even bother being God?  The conversations between Superman and Father Leone are deep, and require multiple readings.  This is truly an example of comics-as-literature.

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