Doctor Strange #79-81 (1986-1987): 1st Rintrah; series ends

Once again, Dr. Strange defends Earth from an extradimensional threat.  In this case, he astrally projects into the body of Morgana Blessing, who he has (kind of) been dating, to become a female version of himself.

Frankly, that’s a very cool power that a lot of people would love to have.

The enemy in this story is powerful enough that captures the doc and puts him in a tube.  Yay!

Then, he forces Strange to resort to “black” magic, which will have future implications.

These issues also introduce Rintrah, a green dude from another dimension who wants to be a good sorceror.

Dr. Strange possesses him, which enables him to feel the power of the Sorceror Supreme, so he becomes Strange’s disciple.

The series ends with issue #81, and Strange moves to Strange Tales–a book he will split with Cloak and Dagger. It will not be good.

Here’s the final panel:

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