The latest Venom miniseries has him being hunted.

He’s in New York again, and the local cops are trying to find the killer of a woman eaten in an alley. Naturally, Venom is a suspect and Brock’s hideout has been compromised. As such, he’s down on his luck. A movie usher gives him some spare change for food.

He goes to get food at The Daily Grind, where Ben Reilly works.

Ben Reilly is Spider-Man. (Sigh.)

But they don’t meet. Yet. Venom remembers he made a decision not to kill Spider-Man.

While Venom is fleeing the cops, he runs into a group of skateboarders.

I do like that Hulk skateboard. We learn the cops hunting Venom are also symbiote hosts. At the end of the series, it is strongly suggested that the symbiotes are possessing the kids now.

Overall, it’s the chaotic symbiote action you’d expect–lots of fighting, nothing getting resolved.

None of these Venom minis so far have been truly awful–but as they go along, with the number of symbiotes expanding like mutants in the X-Verse–the stakes feel lower while they are supposed to be ratcheting higher, because there’s too much noise and constant fighting. It’s impossible to care about anyone.

Each issue has a back-up featuring the newest symbiote, Hybrid. The story shows him taking on The Jury and hooking up with The New Warriors.

In this mini, the back up is actually better than the main story.

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