Darkseid reading Mein Kampf. Fucking brilliant, eh? Plus, I’m pretty sure that’s an old issue of Jack Kirby’s New Gods in the stack on the endtable lower shelf.

And this seems like a good place to leave JLI. With #25, the books is retitled “Justice League America” and the writing team of Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis begin writing two books a month—JL America and JL Europe (illustrated—miserably—by Bart Sears). These books aren’t bad (well, JLE is), but they seems to be parodies of themselves. Or copies. The jokes felt less organic and more formulaic. And gradually, the books started to become more serious, and more about big action arcs than personalities and relationships. In other words, they slid slowly back to where they’d been when Gerry Conway ran Justice League of America into the ground. By the mid-1990s, the series expanded again (Extreme Justice! And Justice League Task Force), and like most 1990s comics, kept getting less interesting.

But soon it would be great again…When Mark Waid would reboot it as JLA.

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