AVENGERS #398-400 (1996)

This is the last Avengers story before everyone dies (kind of) during Onslaught. The last two issues of the series are tie-ins to that event.

I wish I could say Avengers volume 1 ended with a bang, but it didn’t. (Actually it did, when Brian Michael Bendis ended it after it came back after being rebooted after Onslaught and then returning to its original numbering. Bendis’ destruction of the team was a great story. But we won’t get there for several years at the rate I’m blogging.)

This “final” tale of volume one is tedious. The Maximoff siblings eat cholent, though.

I never realized they were Jewish.

Then, Loki creates dopplegangers of Avengers enemies. Like Hulk.

They all fight until Loki is defeated.

And everyone is happy.


Especially me because Deathcry and Hercules leave this book to bump uglies on the moon.

Hercules can be a really fun character, but this book is in a down period and he’s not being written well.

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