MARVEL TEAM-UP #39-40 (1975): Human Torch and Sons of the Tiger

“In their first full-color appearance….”  Sons of the Tiger make their comic book debut –after appearing in almost every issue of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. It’s a two-issue arc that starts with Sandman working for a new crime master, whose name is Crime Master.

There’s also a new Big Man leading the Enforcers. But who is behind the mask..?

They hog-tie Spidey, but put Human Torch in a clear tube–a favorite prison for heroes.

The Sons of the Tiger get involved too. The style of his issue is pretty “old-timey.” Down to the first page of #39…

By the end, of course, Crime Master betrays his fellow criminals and kills Big Man..

…who is revealed to be…

…Janice Foswell, the daughter of the original Big Man. Which is a nice bit of parallel construction, since the new Crime-Master is the son of the original.

Sandman is almost irrelevant here, but I guess they needed someone powerful enough so we could believe this team of low-powered misfits could capture Torch and Spidey.

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