WhenI first looked at this book I assumed it was not canon, but it actually is!

It takes place before Logan was part of Weapon X, when Logan worked for the evil lawfirm of Landau, Luckman and Lake.

He takes on a Japanese Warlord who is actually an interdimensional being. It shows Logan learning the way of the samurai while in Japan. He’s been a loner, but working with Rose Wu from the Landau group makes him rethink whether he should be part of something bigger.

It’s a solid story of his past and the art is phenomenal.

A sequel came out the following year that was not as good and, more importantly, was hyped in Bullpen Bulletins where the blurb misstated the title of the first book as “Path of the Warrior.”

In it, a pre-Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers works with Logan to uncover a plot to “hide” the existence of mutants from the world. Sabretooth is involved as well, as a killer who is also trying to expose the plot, as is baby Angel and his rich daddy who is ashamed of his mutant status.

The sequel was good, just not as good. But it did have the McKenzie Brothers in it…

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