Ms. Marvel #14 (1978): Dracula

Carmine Infantino is certainly a legend, but I have never really liked his art. It feels like Gene Colan without whatever it is that Gene puts in his work to make it special. It feels like a flat imitation of Colan.

She fights a villain named Steeplejack who is so trivial I’m not even tagging him.

But thre eis a sequence where she gets stalked by Dracula. For no real reason.

1 thought on “Ms. Marvel #14 (1978): Dracula”

  1. You’re right. The close call with Dracula did seem pointless, except to, perhaps, underscore the point that lots of things happen in life which don’t seem to have any real point to them. On this level, the brief scene works. On the other hand, a confrontation between Dracula and Ms. Marvel might would have been interesting. As powerful as Ms. Marvel is, ( and she is that ) there is no guarantee that she would not have fallen to the Count’s rancid bite.


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