Captain Marvel #41 (1975)

This issue is an epilogue.

Perhaps recognizing that unless Jim Starlin is writing it, the Captain Marvel book is terrible, Marvel brings in the big gun: Steve Englehart.  Only, it’s not his best work.

The art is slipshod and terrible, and the story is really, really, REALLY stupid.

The Captain goes back to Hala, home of the Kree, where he learns the Supreme Intelligence has been manipulating him into becoming super powerful because (a) he needs to absorb Rick Jones’ crazy powerful mind(?) and (b) he wants a good enemy to fight.

The idea of a villain making his foe better works when the villain is a crazy person like Joker.  When he’s supposed to be an abstract being consisting only of intelligence, it just doesn’t.

Anyway, he uses Ronan, who is easily defeated.

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