This is an historical Cap book so of course there’s an Invaders story.

In 1942, the Nazis capture and reprogram the original Human Torch and conquer Atlantis. Namor and Captain America save the day.

In the scene above and below, Namor argues with his mother, who is being manipulated by the Nazis. It’s a good scene, with ties to the historical practice of appeasement in place before WWII.

His mother’s rejection of him also explains a lot of Namor’s bratty behaviors.

Later, the Nazis construct an army of Human Torches.

And we end with a tribute to the “hands in” panel at the end of Fantastic Four #1, an especially nice touch given that the original Human Torch factors heavily in this story.

If you like Invaders stories, you’ll probably like this. In my experience, most Invaders stories are not well told and don’t amount to much. This one is told by two masters of the comic book craft, so it’s better than most Invaders stories.

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