Darkhold #8-10 (1993): Betrayal!; 1st Jinx

Remember Snakes on a Plane?

Well, now it’s Darkhold-seeking demons on a plane.

Another thing I like about the cover to these issues is the corner box.  See how it says it is “Part 1 of 3”? That’s helpful when there are dozens of Marvel books coming out every week, and a lot of them look the same.

The purpose of this book appears to be that pages from the ancient spellbook Darkhold are scattered across the planet, and the Redeemers are trying to foil spells cast from those pages as they reassemble the book.  They are led by Victoria Montessi—whose father, Vittorrio, was the author of the “ban vampires” Montessi Formula.

Does anyone remember this comic?

There’s not a ton of crossover with the rest of the Marvel Universe, which is both good and bad.  It’s good because not everything needs to have Ghost Rider in it, but it’s bad because Ghost Rider would actually make sense in this book.

This issue debuts a new character, Jinx. He’s Professor Hastings’ son and he has some vaguely defined mystic power to access some kind of dimensional green stuff.

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