Daredevil #120-123 (1975)

El Jaguar looks like Kraven, speaks in stilted Spanglish, and works for Hydra in this four-part story of DD and Black Widow and SHIELD vs. Hydra. Let’s not speak about him again.

This arc starts with Daredevil picking Natasha up at the airport, and there’s a shoot out.

Ivan Petrovitch earns his keep.

After some intrigue, Nick Fury, using his typical tact, asks Foggy Nelson to join SHIELD to help in a battle against HYDRA that doesn’t just involve El Jaguar. It includes Dreadnought.

Blackwing and his attack bats…

…And his symbol that looks remarkably famliiar…

Note the “green canary” comment. Clearly, this is a reference to DC Comics.

…Fixer and Mentallo, behind the scenes. Jackhammer.


And Silvermane is revealed as the new head Hydra.

Lots of D-list villains re-appear or are introduced.

By the end, Widow makes a decision that this is the last time she will be with Daredevil.  Of course, she does come back.  Again.  She’s a yo-yo.  But I can’t blame her. Matt treats her like crap….

And she denies him sex.

And also calls him out for being “handsy.”

Very unusual to have a story about the sexual/physical aspects of two heroes play out over several issues.

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