DEADPOOL #1 (1997)

Deadpool gets his own book. Up to now, he’s been a character with some odd quirks but largely he’s been an undeveloped mercenary with vague ties to Cable and other X-universe characters. It’s here, in the hands of Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness, that the Deadpool we know now begins to form. Right from the splash page, it’s announcing itself as a rebranding…

The splash page is Ed McGuiness’ first Marvel major job.  Look at it.  It’s perfect.  It sums up everything everyone loves about Deadpool, and adds so much to the legend begun by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld.  He’s funny, he narrates himself, he approaches the fourth wall (even if he doesn’t break it quite yet).

The story starts in the Bolivian jungle, with Deadpool stealing a weapon and then killing all the people who hired him.

Again, very different kind of book than what we are used to from Marvel.

The evil law firm workers Zoe Culloden and Noah Dubois then hire him to steal from Sasquatch.

They use a guy named Patch to do the hiring for them–he’ll be a recurring character.

He runs a place where Deadpool (and others) hang out, called Hellhouse.

Several characters are hanging out here in the issue, but will get broader coverage in the future.

Like T-Ray.

In the process, he nearly causes a nuclear meltdown–then prevents it. This seems to persuade Zoe that Deadpool will be vital to the creation of paradise in the future–a hint at the storyline to come.


Best of all, Blind Al is introduced in this first issue as well.  A woman who Wade Wilson keeps hostage in his home, but who nevertheless appears to have genuine affection for him.


He even lets her see him unmasked.

This is an intro issue, and it reestablishes the major elements of the character, and starts off with a fresh tone. Very happy this book has arrived. In case you’re not a regular reader here, Marvel is at a very, very low point in terms of quality.

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