Uncanny X-Men #197 (1985)

The cover promises Dr. Doom, but delivers Arcade.

Colossus and Shadowcat (God, I hate that name—but it’s better than “Sprite”) go on an adventure to rescue Arcade from Doom.

There’s a twist at the end, because it’s an Arcade story so, duh. Doom’s not really involved.

It’s a bot.

There’s even a fastball special!

So yeah, Doom was never there.  It was another Arcade Robot, guided by Miss Locke (his assistant and, maybe, his girlfriend), because the way they get kinky is to try to kill each other.

Also, a nice closing sequence where we see that maybe Kitty has forgiven Peter for cheating on her during Secret Wars I and then dumping her. 

Claremont is always good at those touching personal develpments.

Although there are check-ins with the Nimrod story–he’s becoming a hero to America…

…and Storm in Africa, and Scott and Madelyn…

…this is a fairly self-contained action story—nice to have one of these since X-tales are usually dense and intricate.

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