It’s nice to have a pure fun issue. Of course there are a bunch of subplots and stuff, but the bulk of this issue is the team fighting Kraven the Hunter. Kraven forces Beast into the woods and tells the X-Men that they have to track him before Kraven kills him.

He forces them to compete by poisoning Avia.

After they win, Jean Grey mindwipes Kraven so he forgets all about the X-Men.

1 thought on “X-MEN: THE HIDDEN YEARS #17 (2001)”

  1. An issue of “X-Men”: The Hidden Years” was never published that was less than an “A”, my prejudicial affection for the Original X-Men, the Neal Adams Year, and John Byrne all notwithstanding, including “Hunted & Hunted”. A full-on, full-scale “A”!!


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