STRANGE TALES #102 (1962): 1st Wizard

The future leader of the Frightful Four debuts in this story, but he’s a pretty different character. 

In this story, he’s portrayed as a magician who uses real magic and technology. 

He gets jealous of a crowd reaction to a TV clip about the Human Torch’s adventure in Strange Tales #101, so he decides to go f#!k with Johnny Storm.

He starts by pretending to be him–making him a criminal–much like Chameleon did in Amazing Spider-Man #1.  Then, he lures him by playing to his ego…

…And finally, he traps him in a steel closet.

Johnny is keeping his real identity a secret, for now. I didn’t remember Johnny having a secret identity.

Human Torch defeats Wizard by displaying new powers.

(Just kidding: Invisible Girl is there to help–she’s making the pictures “float” in air.)

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