UNCANNY X-MEN #120-121 (1979): 1st Alpha Flight

In which we meet Alpha Flight!


Kinda cool–they’re introduced first as civilians, then ultimately in their roles as superfolk…


The Canadian supergroup is, of course, all part of the growing legend of Wolverine.

This story starts with the team wrapping up last issue’s visit with Sunfire in Japan, and more of Wolverine seducing Mariko.

Wolverine gets popped by Sasquatch.

And Sasquatch also takes down the X-Men’s commercial jet to stop them from fleeing Canada.

Canada is trying to reclaim its asset, Wolverine, and the X-Men try to help him stay free.

Lots of good fights.

And hints at some kind of romance between Aurora and Nightcrawler?

And does anyone remember Peter having a super-stomp power before or after this issue?

I don’t think he can do that!

Also: A cameo by the issue’s inker and colorist!

In the foreground, that’s Dave Cockrum and Bonnie Wilford.  In the background, reading the paper that says “Ink this now!  [Signed] Sterno” is Terry Austin.  Roger Stern was the editor.

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