Punisher War Journal #20-24 (1990)

On the cover of #20, Punisher fights the French Foreign Legion. There’s nothing really intimidating about the French Foreign Legion, which makes this cover kind of funny.

Punisher is in a plane, on his way to the Philippines to hunt the source of drugs. His plane gets shot down, and he finds himself running through the jungle for this set of issues. He fights the foreign legion, Nazis hiding in the jungle, a hammerhead shark…

…becomes a pirate…

…and then flies off the Lima, Peru, where he again winds up in the jungle and fights among historic ruins.

It’s odd. He’s just in the jungle a lot–but in different countries. And he keeps complaining that he’s just trying to take a vacation.

Pun is better in the city.

There’s also a recurring subplot with Arranger trying to hire Sniper and Damage to kill Punisher, when he gets back to the States, on behalf of Kingpin.

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