X-FORCE #102-105 (2000): Games Without Frontiers; Pete Wisdom dies

The team is reborn as part of Marvel’s “Revolution” event.

Pete Wisdom and the X-Force team go on a spy mission to Russia. Wisdom is now deeply connected to Russian spies. They uncover experiments on mutants.

Several team members had power/ability adjustments after the “6-month gap,” and those powers are on display. It looks like Pete Wisdom might have had a role in getting them the power-ups.

The Russian operation is tied to a mad doctor who is now in the U.S., and he put chemicals in the water supply of San Francisco that are triggered–turning normies into mutants across the city. X-Force rushes out there to help.

It’s all a scheme by Dr. Niles Roman, who is trying to engineer a human/mutant war.

During the SF uprising, Roman is able to get the drop on Pete Wisdom–who apparently has been hunting the doctor since the days of the Black Air operations–and kill him.

The actual shooting happens off screen.

The spy stuff is good. I still dislike the Pete Wisdom character and find him very derivative, but a chain-smoking strategist is the kind of guy that is tailor made for Warren Ellis. Too bad he’s dead.

I have to say, Chris Claremont’s work on the two central X-books leaves much to be desired, but the other x-adjacent books have really benefitted from the Revolution.

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