spectactual spider-man 101

Everyone remembers Peter David’s run on Spider-Man for The Death of Jeanne DeWolff, but he actually started sooner. His first Spider-Script was #103, a Leopold and Loeb story of a group of rich kids who decide that Batman is too scary, so they’ll fuck with Spider-Man. (He doesn’t become regular writer until #105.)

It’s classic Peter David: A story driven not so much by plot as by well-done dialog and characterization.  It’s why I think of David as one of the most novelistic writers in comic book history.

The cover had Spider-Man burning in effigy, which seems pretty serious, but there’s the typical Peter David humor here as well.  Spider-Man wants Human Torch to pose as “Blaze” and try to catch the kids, and this little exchange happens…

Also: Another Mayor Ed Koch cameo.

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