MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #28 (1981): Superman and Spider-Man

The third of the DC/Marvel crossovers. The worst of the three so far, but it has the most heroes in it–and it’s not bad. Just not as much fun as the first couple. Maybe the novelty has worn off a bit?

There’s a long Hulk/Superman fight, and I’m not sure I like that Superman barely notices Hulk’s punches. Parasite is in the background during it, and eventually drains Hulk, turning him back to Banner, so maybe he was also making him weaker during the fight?

Doom and Parasite team up and stick Hulk in a tube. I always like that.

Spider-Man is barely necessary here with heavy hitters like Hulk and Superman, but he does get to interact with Wonder Woman.

Marv Wolfman offered up the plot, Jim Shooter wrote it, John Buscema drew it, and it had a half-dozen inkers.

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