Two-Gun Kid: Sunset Riders #1-2 (1995)

A Two-Gun Kid tale that takes place after he met The Avengers. He apparently brought an uzi back with him from the future and uses it in this story. He also knows the date of his own death owing to his time-travelling.

In the recap above, it says he’s about to die–but we learn here that the history books were wrong because he faked his own death.

There are a series of adventures in this solid Western that introduces a bunch of new characters–who form The Sunset Riders. There’s fur trapper Marcel Fournier, who is a client of lawyer Matt Hawk (aka Two-Gun Kid). He’s used to show that Two-Gun Kid isn’t racist.

It’s actually an interesting relationship between them.

There’s also Running Fish, a Native American who is never used again so I haven’t tagged him. And this dude:

Hijiro Nguri. He’s a samurai who is part of an effort by Japan to kill Two-Gun, but halfway through he realizes that Matt Hawk is a good guy and switches sides.

Grover Cleveland and other politicians of the time make appearances.

Like I said: Solid Western romp. Would have loved more of it.

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