Uncanny X-Men #269 (1990)

Rogue is transported by the Siege Perilous back to the X-Men’s Australia base, which is now controlled by the Reavers, and she doesn’t have Ms. Marvel’s powers anymore because Siege Perilous separated them out into a different body.

Meanwhile Carol is wearing her old outfit.

Things get weird. And here’s why:

Then Shadow King mind controls the new Ms. Marvel body and makes it fight Rogue, only the effect of them being separated causes their bodies to rot until, at the end, they are brought back together.

In other words, this is kind of a pointless issue.  The Siege Perilous stuff is annoying.  I hope it’s over.

There is an interlude with Lila Cheney escaping the Shi-Ar.

Next issue starts the big crossover X-Tinction Agenda event.

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  1. Yeah, all this drivel is from that notorious, unfortunate period in ‘X-Men’ history when Claremont had run out of gas, and was just showing up for a paycheck. Just like the last six years of ‘M*A*S*H’. The classy thing for Claremont to have done at this point would have been to pass the reins over to a young, fresh new talented writer with some fresh new ideas. As it was, nothing interesting would be happening with the ‘X-Men’ franchise for another full nine years- almost a solid decade!!….until the advent of John Byrne’s passion-project, ‘X-Men: The Hidden Years’- easily the BEST X-Men product produced by Marvel in three full decades!! ‘The Hidden Years’ has been gone now for a full twenty-three years. Has there been ANYTHING interesting in the ‘X-Men’ franchise’ since that time-??


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