DEADPOOL #67-69 (2002): Series Ends

Gail Simone just got here as the writer of Deadpool, and she’s cancelling the book?!?

No, she isn’t really.

During this month’s worth of books, Marvel editorial cancelled many–and then relaunched them as #1s the following months.

In the last arc, Deadpool got wealthy and got a fanbase. In these issues, he is hired by Dazzler to protect her from death threats from a guy who hates disco, buys a sports car (and puts the newly shrunken Rhino on the keychain), etc. The Dazzler bodyguarding leads to this tribute…

Deadpool is now a competitor of Taskmaster, though, so there’s some drama around that. Also, the brain virus inserted by Black Swan continues to drive increasingly erratic behavior.

He tracks Black Swan down and blows him up.

The final page of this series is a blooper reel.

Deadpool returns in two weeks as Agent X.

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