I’ve said this before: It’s hard to write a genuinely funny comic.  This one succeeds!

Spider-Man attends a charity auction featuring tons of celebrities and some super heroes including Spidey’s bromancer, Human Torch.  The celebrity appearance by Jay Leno is perfect: He hosts the event and intentionally tries to start a fight between JJJ and Spider-Man…For ratings!

The auction is watched by Scorpion who hates Spider-Man (because Spidey keeps beating him up) and hates JJJ even more (since Jonah’s is the reason Mac Gargan is stuck inside his Scorpion suit).  When the prize is announced—the winning bid gets to go camping with both Jonah and the webhead—Scorpion decides to wait until that moment to attack.  Kraven bids on the event to help ensure Scorpion can attack.

The camping trip is very funny—seeing Peter deal with the lack of food and toilet paper, for example.  Meanwhile, Scorpion gets hungry and fights a bear over a picnic basket.

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