AVENGERS #256-257 (1985):1st Nebula; Savage Land destroyed; Terminus dies


Remember Terminus, from Fantastic Four #279?  He dies in this story.  The team goes to the Savage Land where they help Ka-Zar with his Terminus problem.

Shanna is preggers:


Terminus is pulled out of his armor in the end. And the Avengers leave him to die in the cold.

That counts as a killing. Also at the end of the story…The Savage Land is destroyed!

It’s nice to see John Buscema doing pencils again.  Nobody draws Ka-Zar like Johnny B.

The only downside is that Black Knight joins the team. Oh, well. The team lineup is actually pretty eclectic. Only one original member, Wasp; one big name, Cap; and the rest are characters only real comic readers would know: Hercules, Starfox, the new Captain Marvel, and The Black Knight.

Also: First appearance of future movie star Nebula.

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