Uncanny X-Men #329-330 (1996): Warriors of the Ebon Night

Wolverine and Archangel go looking for “Crimson Dawn Blood” that supposedly will heal Psylocke after she was nearly killed by Sabretooth last issue.  Doctor Strange assists.

Apparently, the CDB (Crimson Dawn Blood–get it?) is some magical ninja healing thing. 

But instead of using the ninja thing, Doctor Strange does some magic and heals Pyslocke.  These issues, frankly, feel like stories that never really got off the ground and Strange feels like a very easy and unsatisfying way to resolve a mystery they never had to start in the first place.

But these characters—Tar Proctor of the Crimson Dawn and Gomurr, will return next year in a Psylocke/Angel miniseries.

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