X-FORCE #71-72 (1997)

Road trip!

In the aftermath of Operation: Zero Tolerance, Cable cut his team of younger trainees loose and told them they were mature enough now to head out on their own. Dani Moonstar left SHIELD and joined them as they decided to travel across the country and go “underground,” believing–quite reasonably–that the government can no longer be trusted.

Their car breaks down in Ohio, forcing them to get a ride to the nearest town from…

…Shaggy and Velma! Where’s Scoob?

They save a local from the local mafia, and he hires them to come to Chicago and protect him. Since they can’t even afford food, they accept the offer.

I mean, if they don’t have money, they can’t get a hotel room, and Dani can’t do this…

While that’s happening, Domino is seeing doctors about getting the chip in her head removed, which was placed there by O:ZT’s rogue agent Kat Gryaznova and which reduces her “luck” powers, but learns that to remove it would paralyze her.

Also not with the main group, Warpath, after his adventure with Risque saving Vanisher (only to have the villain snatched up by Sledge), joins up with Siryn to investigate clues about genetics experimentation on his tribe, which he learned about during his time with Risque. They meet a genetic researcher, Edwin Martynec, who will hold a lot of secrets for them. The next issue will focus on this storyline. Since Siryn isn’t at the mansion, she misses a visit from Deadpool, who is shocked that she’s not there and that the mansion is completely empty–having been stripped by Bastion’s troops during O:ZT.

And finally, Reignfire is back–tracking Roberto DeCosta.

Did you think Reignfire was really Sunspot?

Yeah. We all did. We’re about to learn different.

This series has consistently been one of the better X-books, but this is the first time X-Force has been FUN. I really like the way all the threads dangling after O:ZT are being used to weave the fabric of a new setting for this group.

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