FANTASTIC FORCE #13-18 (1995-1996): Series ends

A cover that pays tribute to Fantastic Four #265 should signal a great comic. It doesn’t.

After being hailed as heroes based on their last, nearly indecipherable adventure, there is more time-travel, various versions of various characters popping in and out, and just bad, bad comics. Bad writing. Bad art.

She-Hulk joins, and we learn that–after a brief skirmish with Puppet Master–Diablo is advancing a plot to take down the Fantastic Force.

But instead of facing off against him, the book goes to Wakanda for the trial against Vibraxas. He killed an innocent bystander when…you know what, you probably don’t care. And that’s good for you.

Then there’s a Devlor story.

But what about Diablo?

Well, it turns out, he’s been in control of She-Hulk across all these issues. And he’s in league with Mephisto. Again, never mind. It doesn’t matter.

At the very end, Reed Richards comes back. As a result the real Fantastic Four can come back and in that series, soon after this, Psi-Lord is de-aged and Franklin becomes a kid again.

Finally something that does matter–we can put this horrible chapter behind us.

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