Magneto by Dave Cockrum

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  1. Unless I’m mistaken, the only time that Dynamic Dave Cockrum got to actually draw old Erik for an actual in-canon story, was in 1976’s ‘Uncanny X-Men’s #104. ( “The Gentleman’s Name is………..Magneto!” ) With the “New X-Men” series catching on like a pandemic, the return of Magneto was inevitable, even despite he and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants having been devolved into their infancy at the conclusion of their previous appearance, in 1974’s ‘Defenders’s #16!! ( holy embarassment!! ) The Sh’iar Empire, looking for foot-agents with which to run interference for their Earth campaigns, commissions Eric the Red with the job of restoring Magneto back, NOT to his previous age, but his PRIME- Magneto’s method of “beating the clock” on Marvel-World. ( why he did not feel the need for the services of the REST of the Brotherhood at that time is just one of the Great Unsolved Mysteries of the Marvel Universe- although, we would later learn, about eighteen months later, in ‘The Champions’#17, that he accidentally DID restore them to adulthood, in SPITE of himself!! ) The next artist to draw Maggie was actually NOT………….John Byrne, in ‘Uncanny X-Men’#112, but the late, underrated Bob Hall, ( I just loved his stuff on ‘Daredevil and the Black Widow’, in the mid-Seventies ) on ‘Super-Villain Team-Up’#14, ( cover by Byrne! ) and it’s conclusion, in ‘Champions’#16, wherein the Master of Magnetism has his seriously-overlong, overdue battle with Dr. Doom!! ( with the mind-controlled help of most of the Avengers and Champions, Doom pulls it out- although why the Ghost Rider was immune to Dr. Doom’s neuro-gas, and Hercules was NOT- is ANOTHER one of those Great, Unsolved Mysteries of the Marvel Universe! ) Maggie’s next appearance, shortly afterwards in ‘Uncanny X-Men’#112, was somewhat illogical, considering the severity of the beatdown just administered to him by the super-forces of America, not to mention how incredibly quickly he was able to get his Antarctic subterranean superfortress up and running, complete with super high-tech mutant power-dampening prison chairs!! ( just go with it- those things were even powerful enough to contain the power of the ever-lovin’ PHOENIX!!! ) I guess it just goes to show- ya just can’t keep a good supervillain/megalomaniac/Master of Magnetism down!!! Fo’ SHO’!!!!!


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