X-FORCE #78-80 (1998)

After a bunch of one-offs, it’s time for an extended story. Reignfire is back and he’s attacking board members from Sunspot’s dad’s company in an effort to lure out Sunspot himself.

Which he does. (Note that the above exterior panel showing the Luxor Casino is completely inaccurate, obviously drawn by someone who didn’t even bother to look at a picture of the real thing. I find that annoying, but I’m really not sure why it bothers me.)

Meanwhile, an employee of the Damocles Foundation hears about it and also goes after Reignfire. It’s not entirely clear why at first, but by the time he reaches Las Vegas, Reignfire has captured several X-Force members and has told them all his origin: He was created by Damocles Foundation, using Roberto DaCosta’s blood.

The Damocles doctor shoots Reignfire with a special gun that vaporizes his body, but all that does is enable Reignfire’s dark shadowy bodiless self to possess Sunspot. The team gets the gun from the doctor and manages to use it to disrupt Reignfire again…

I wish it weren’t, but that picture is pretty funny.

And it ends with SHIELD arrving and arresting the doctor and capturing Reignfire.

And we’re reminded that Moonstar has been a SHIELD agent.

In the end, the team decides they like the West Coast (can’t see why–it’s brought them nothing but trouble) and move into a new base in San Francisco.

Heroes for Hire have a cameo as the new security team for DaCosta International.

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