New Mutants #22 (1984)

“Kitty’s Fairy Tale” from Uncanny X-Men #159 is widely appraised as one of Chris Claremont’s best stories of all time, so it makes sense that he’s trying to see if lightning will strike twice. 

Rahne Sinclair offers an imaginary tale where The New Mutants are reimagined as princesses and warriors, and meet Cloak and Dagger.

As a main story, it’s just okay.

Meanwhile, as part of the slow boil storylines, Sunspot’s dad is being brought into the Hellfire Club.

As part of that story, we see the first appearance of future Black Rook, Friedrich von Roehm. He is introduced as a follower of Selene.

Like Sunspot’s dad, he will soon join Hellfire Club.

Cannonball has insecurities.

Yet Rahne still crushes on him.

Bill Sienkiewicz’s art is just so damn great.

Also, the X-Men are shown training The New Mutants in the Danger Room, which is always fun. 

And pin-ups!

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