SILVER SURFER #135-137 (1998)

Silver Surfer has a virus–given to him by the alien race known as the Other–and is dying, and the cosmic being Scrier and Agatha Harkness combine their powers to try to save him. They fail–but Agatha glimpses The Other.

And so Surfer dies and meets Mephisto. Apparently, though, they’re in an afterlife Limbo from whence Mephisto possesses Agatha blah blah blah, Surfer gets resurrected and teams up with Scrier to contain The Other within a barrier.

Meanwhile, that other dimension where Puppet Master went has imbued a clay figure with Surfer’s power cosmic and The Thing has returned from being reborn by Franklin, which will pose a relationship triangle for Alicia.

There’s nothing really bad here, it’s just not all that interesting.

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