The good thing about this comic is that it seems designed to allow short runs by different creators, and the team lineup always changes, so it’s kind of a team-based team-up book. 

The bad part about this comic? Quality. Quality. Quality.  Or lack of it.  Although, this particular installment is the best it’s been so far.

In his own book, Silver Surfer has been tracking Nebula to prevent her from going to war with the Titan planet.  He seeks help from Doctor Strange, but asks for him to recruit people who Nebula won’t know–so that she can be taken by surprise.

Here’s what happens next:

It is really fair to say that Nebula won’t know copies of Thor and Iron Man?

Anyway, that’s the entire plot. From there, it’s just a massive battle of the three Secret Defenders vs. Nebula and her troops. 

And as far as fights go, it’s pretty damn good.  It ends with Nebula taken prisoner.

Creators: Ron Marz and Tom Grindberg
Grade: C+

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