MOON KNIGHT #17-20 (1982)

Seventeen issues in, you’d think that Doug Moench would have figured out what Moon Knight’s about, yet here the book takes a sharp turn.

The gritty street-level book becomes an international mercenary story that almost reads like James Bond.

There’s still good character work–Moench can write this stuff in his sleep.

It’s just the international hero aspect that does not interest me as much. Of course, I recognize that Marc Spector was a mercenary and that doing these kinds of jobs isn’t (no pun intended) foreign to him, but when he became Moon Knight, Koshnu told him his job was to protect people at night–which is much more of a street-level book than one like this.

Anyhow, Marc Spector is hired by the Israeli military to go after “Master Sniper” who uses a wrist gun, much like Deadshot, and his wealthy Steven Grant identity plays a major role in the hunt, much like Bruce Wayne.

He has underground adventures (note the Batman-like bats…)

And climbs mountains.

And he punches animals.

It’s a bit of a misstep.


And speaking of missteps, Moon Knight gets kicked up both sides of his head.

This is also a multi-issue story, with cliffhangers…

…And it’s the longest arc so far in this series.

Moon Knight is going after the “Slayer Elite” gang. The cover to #19 is kinda cool…

…The gang have good weapons and armor (see above), and make for good combat foils for our hero.

He infiltrates the gang as Marc Spector, then beats up guys to get to the leader and the truth as Moon Knight.

Frenchie and Marlene are part of it all too.

Marlene kicks ass quite a bit in the story.

Bill Sienkeiwicz’s art continues to save this comic when it falls below the bar.

There’s a lot of the gimmicky kind of scenes we expect from a Batman book.

Throughout, people seem to figure out that Marc Spector and Moon Knight both appeared at the same time, but Moon Knight explains it in the end.

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