PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #1 (1999): 1st Ranger

“Power Without Responsibility.” This part of the linewide reboot to welcome back Spider-Man.

Howard Mackie’s pre-clone Spider-Man issues were usually not very good. Now he’s been hooked up with John Romita Jr. so let’s if it gets better.

This issue relies heavily on the introduction of a new/fake Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #1. It starts with Peter Parker taking pictures for the paper of the new Spidey in action while the hero fights Ranger as the character is busted out of police custody by a gang of terrorists.

Ranger has issues with a Senator.

This is all pretty standard fare. Nothing terrible but Ranger isn’t all that imaginative and it feels very much like a “companion book” to Amazing Spider-Man.

There’s a back-up feature also written by Mackie about Peter Parker as a kid.

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