Roger Stern is recognized as one of the best Captain America writers of all time, at least by me. And to see him team up with Frank Miller is fantastic. The story takes up almost the entire issue, and it’s one of political corruption. We get to see Cap do all kinds of Cap-like things like punching a flag burner and…


…fondling the flag while making a speech. I wonder if that was Miller or Stern’s idea?

We also see Cap doing something kinda un-cap like–much more Batman-like…


Yes, he’s dangling a guy off the side of rooftop. This vision of Captain America feels like Dark Knight–an arch conservative, violent depiction. It’s almost like it inspired the Ultimates version.


The back-up feature is a great Kevin Nowlan portfolio and a Terry Austin one.

This is just one of Kevin Nowlan’s full-page shots of Marvel women–this one inspired by John Byrne’s classic The Fantastic Four #274.  He also did Black Widow

And here’s a funny page from Terry’s portfolio in this issue…

And another women’s page from Terry…

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