The Badoon take over Arkon’s dimension, someone escapes to get help, and the Badoon capture the Fantastic Four (who tried to protect the escapee).

The X-Men go save the FF, with Arkon. Ororo and Susan lead negotiations, and it is implied that the Badoon get inappropriate when they search the women for weapons.

It’s a nice team-up.

It’s the first time the Fantastic Four meet a Shi’Ar.

And there’s the obligatory “everyone laughing” ending, which was originally a part of every Stan Lee story. In this one, Kitty gets (yet another) new outfit.

She’s worse than Janet Van Dyne.

It’s an annual, so it’s a simple, big-fight tale. Perfectly fine for what it is, but nothing great. Except that tag line: Ou, La, La, Badoon! My younger readers probably won’t get the reference, but it is the catch phrase from a ubiquitous TV commercial for an old brand of jeans.

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