SHATTERSHOT: X-Annuals Event (1992)

OK, you know this is bad because it’s an event across several annuals AND it takes place in the Mojoverse (not just one but TWO Mojos) AND it had nearly a dozen creators for just four comics. The creators range from the old (Herb Trimpe!) to the new (what may be Stuart Immonen’s first Marvel comic).

The Scattershot event moved through X-Men Annual #1, Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, X-Factor Annual #7, and X-Force Annual #1.

Basic plot: Mojo messes with the mutants again, but now there are two Mojos competing in how much they can mess with the X-Men. The idea of Mojo is that he runs a reality show and just wants action, action, and more action. That about sums up 1990s X-Men.

With the x-ception (see what I did there?) of X-Factor, which was great in the ’90s. Still, they were crowbarred into this horrible event and even Peter David couldn’t save it.

And so does this, wholly derivative scene where Angel is captured AGAIN and put in a vaguely Christlike pose AGAIN and basically face-raped AGAIN.

And of course there is time travel, including an alternate version of a kid mutant team in the future.

In addition to the terrible story with almost 50 characters in it, there are pin-ups and back-ups. None are worth much.

Joe Madureira:

Jim Lee:

Adam Kubert:

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