Doctor Strange #6-9 (1975)

Gene Colan returns as artist, and gets inked by Klaus Janson for #6, in the first book so far where I’ve really noticed Janson’s style breaking through.  He’s inked a bunch of the books we’ve read so far, but none of it has looked like classic Janson.

I like Colan on Strange, but I do miss Frank Brunner.  I really liked his work.  Still, the art is a selling point here.

For these two issues, Dr. Strange takes on Dormammu, who is trying to get his mojo back after Scarlet Witch crushed him in the Avengers/Defenders War.

There’s lots of Clea, too, as we learn that her daddy is a follower of Dormammu.

In the end, it turns out it’s all a comic book story (Dr. Strange #9, no less).  This “oooh, weird!” ending feels a little tacked on, just strange for the sake of Strange.

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