After two issues that introduced new villains, we get a mainstay in #3: Sandman. He escapes police custody and goes on a robbery rampage. Spider-Man tries to stop him, but Sandman beats the snot out of him. Other Marvel heroes try to capture him but can’t.

Spider-Man beats him by throwing him into a fan. OK, it’s a giant turbine. But “fan” is funnier.

At the end of the issue, John Jameson calls his dad and says he’s coming to town. Issue #4 is told entirely from John’s perspective. It takes place before John is selected for the space mission that turns him into Man-Wolf, and he’s trying to decide if he deserves the opportunity by watching–and comparing himself to–Spider-Man.

There’s also a generic battle against a bunch of guys called The Spacemen, but we will never see them again so I didn’t tag them. It’s hard to create new characters in the world of comics and this is the third issue of four to introduce new villains. The other two, from issues #1 and #2, made it into many subsequent stories, so Kurt and Pat are doing pretty good so far.

Pat Oliffe’s art is great, by the way.

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