Avengers #163 (1977)

The Greek Titan named Typhon shows up looking for Hercules.

There’s a fight, and Iceman guest stars.

He manages to get Iron Man to fight Hercules…It’s really a dumb story that makes no sense, unless you assume both characters are muscle-headed idiots who are willing to fight their friends at the drop of a hat.

Black Widow gets involved.

Eventually they all figure it out.

If you really wanted to see a couple Avengers fight a few Champions, this was for you.

Right about now, writers and artists keep shifting, book by book.  Quality varies tremendously from issue to issue.

2 thoughts on “Avengers #163 (1977)”

  1. I agree. This issue rates as a solid “C”, but I do enjoy seeing the Champions. What a great team. And the late, great George Tuska sure does justice to the Black Widow. Check out that shot of her above. No wonder Hercules threw her in the sheets. Face it- if you could, you would, too. We all would!! The truth will set you free!! Can I get an “amen”-??? Hallelujah!!!!


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