CAPTAIN AMERICA #45-48/512-515 (2001): America Lost

I guess I understand that everyone who writes Captain America wants a turn writing Cap’s most iconic foe, so this is Dan Jurgens’ Red Skull story.

His evil plot? Stirring up the union workers in Louisiana. That may seem trivial, but that kind of internal disruption is exactly how more sophisticated terror operators are actually infiltrating and destroying America in real life, so…This makes sense.

Red Skull is using Hate Monger to kick up racism. Combine that with anti-Union sentiment, and you’ve got all you need for mobs and violence.

The Hate Monger is a clone of Adolf Hitler, created via Red Skull’s Cosmic Cube.

The story is told through a series of flashbacks, where heroes are gathering at a funeral–and we are led to believe it is a funeral for Captain America himself, until we get to the end and Cap shows up and delivers a eulogy for Bucky Barnes.

When they finally got to the punch line here, I have to admit–I was pretty lost. This story had Hitler and Red Skull, but I don’t get why it inspired a funeral after 60 years.

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