As part of Marvel’s (spectacularly failed) late ’90s horror line, it’s a reintroduction to Jack Russell.

Overall it’s well done. Jack struggles to be in a relationship (I love this “what about us” conversation)…

Nicely done.

The bit of retcon (or at least the new aspect of Russell’s Werewolf side) is that he can see into Hell when he changes into Werewolf. So, he decides to go there to figure out what those visions are all about.

The story ends up being about demon hunting, mysterious murders that look like they were committed by Jack–it’s stuff you’d expect, but it’s handled well.

The book has great horror art and is well plotted, but ends with issue #6, which is part one of a story with Ghost Rider.

He’s trying to figure out if he’s the one responsible for a string of killings–or if it’s someone else. This is the final page of the series:

This was a good comic that was caught up in Marvel’s bankruptcy bullshit and cancelled too early.

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