West Coast Avengers #3 (1985)

After Vision and the Scarlet Witch quit the team (they want to live a normal life in New Jersey), Tigra goes off to mope about how she was lame during the big Ultron/Grim Reaper battles of the last issues and gets attacked by Kraven the Hunter.  She can’t beat him alone, and eventually her teammates help her.

Note in the background we see Scourge, who was about to kill Kraven but Tigra showing up stops him.

Kraven actually kills Spider-Man next year, so he’s a formidable foe.  When your teammates are Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Tigra is actually a fairly powerful figure.

Nevertheless, he beats her.

And the rest of her team saves her.

Also in this issue: Hank Pym agrees to live in the West Coast base and “run” the facility.  And Thing shows up because he gets a flat tire and we’re led to believe he’ll join the team. (He won’t.)


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