SPIDER-MAN #76 (1997): 1st Crown and SHOC

One of the annoying things about Clone Wars (but hardly the most annoying thing about it) was that it pushed Marvel to retitle (adjectiveless) Spider-Man as “Peter Parker Spider-Man,” so buyers could tell if they were getting the real thing or the stupid clone. This would completely screw up alphabetizing the series by title, and with so many ongoing Spider Books, it’s just generally irritating and confusing.

But at least Peter is back in the suit.

This issue introduces two new characters: Crown and Shoc.

Crown killed a scientist named Dr. Fields years ago to get “negative energy” weaponry. We learn that through flashback. In this issue, his orphaned son, Todd Fields, dons his own armor–called SHOC Armor–and tries to avenge his dad.

Together, Spider-Man and SHOC kick Crown into the negative dimension.

But he’ll be back.

The running gag is Spider-Man asking what the SHOC name means, and we get our answer in the end…

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